Anticipate the rivals … in live!

“La Liga” is the maximum competition of Spanish Football, the official competition that gathers and in which some of the best teams of the King’s Sport of the world compete. Being the best on the pitch rules every Sunday who ascends the table and who goes down. Not failing the fans and not failing themselves is the mantra of all the teams. But if we compare with other events like the American NFL for example, Spanish LaLiga does not use technology as much as American football. Although eye, there are teams that do have a secret in the form of ‘magic’ application called Mediacoach.

Mediacoach is a moving video analysis tool that allows a team to access meeting information in real time before and after the game. The software of the program uses a team of 20 HDR cameras distributed throughout the stadium pointing to the field, with which the app can follow the movements of the players in real time.

Our mission in this project has been to redefine the architecture to convert the solution. Mediacoach is a high performance and high availability application, reducing costs and stabilizing the platform. A part of these improvements have been made in the innovation of the streaming system coming from the stadiums.

Another of the tasks has been to improve and develop the new features of La Liga in the Android and iOS mobile applications, performing native development.